Cave Gem Commerce integrates commerce stores with content creators. Through partnering with influencers we build out and manage their Ecommerce store in exchange for them being the face of the brand we sell through it. This profit share agreement means the influencers outputs compound over time, their audience can benefit from great products and the brands we build together endure.


Why was this started?

This was started as an internal solution to a monetisation problem I faced running Edzion.com. From here we saw the tactility of this solution turning it into a platform to help creators capture the value they create. Leveraging their personal brand they have nurtured into a E-Commerce store they can promote.

How are you so confindent this works?

Through partnering commerce and content we can create a unique value proposition. We convert the audience into customers giving them access to great products whilst supporting the creator they know, like and trust. The audience like the creator more because they have provided them with a product that solves their problem. Every time they use the product they are reminded of the creator, strengthening the connection and growing the creators audience.

What do you look for with those you partner with?

Trust is first and foremost. We do our due diligence to make sure the influencer is genuine, aligned in personal values and is truly looking to help their audience. Our investors are long term oriented and must also have knowledge or experience in the area. The ECommerce stores we acquire will only be selling products we deem to be valuable and appropriate.

Where did the idea come from?

Built to solve a problem I had with monetising edzion.com, which is essentially Spotify for textbooks. Our cash runway was getting shorter as we were having conversion issues for premium members. This meant the adverts we ran required a significant return per audience member to keep the venture afloat. Seeing the power of connecting content and commerce, I realised I had to build a business to help other creators in the same boat.

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